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I was born and raised in Kingman

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I was born and raised in Kingman, Arizona. My mother is also a native of Kingman. My parent’s chose to live in Kingman after college because they felt it was a small, safe community. I have always loved living in Kingman. As a small child, I was involved in many programs this city has to offer. I took swimming lessons and played soccer and baseball. This was a great way to meet friends. I am happy to say, the friends I met in those activities are still my friends today. 

My parents are both teachers. This was an advantage and disadvantage. The public school system has been wonderful and I feel I will be successful in college because of all the things I have learned. I also played Volleyball and Tennis for Kingman High School and feel their sports programs were very well run.

My family likes to do outdoor activities and we have always enjoyed what Kingman has to offer. The climate of Kingman is perfect. We have the beautiful Hualapai Mountains just 15 minutes outside of town. They have snow in the winter and they are a nice place to hike in the summer. We also have many lakes in the area. Lake Mohave is 30 minutes away and we enjoy spending time fishing, water skiing, and boating. 

The city itself has so many wonderful things. There are many parks and areas where children can play safely. There are two public swimming pools and a parks and recreation center that offer many activities for children and adults. The city also offers a variety of arts and crafts fairs and rodeos. Andy Devine Days is special to Kingman because Andy Devine lived in Kingman and every year we celebrate by having a parade and rodeo. 

I know that Kingman is a big part of who I am as a person. It is a very comfortable and friendly place. People care for each other and look out for each other. Being from a small town has so many advantages. I have always felt safe. I know the people of this town and I am proud to say I am a Kingmanite.